Coaching to guide executives in
leading an entire organization.

Being an executive is more than having technical knowledge

While most executives earn their place in the organization by excelling in one or several specific areas – perhaps finance, operations or sales – little training is often available to help those who lead an entire organization, especially inside the organization itself. Our team can help.

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Executive coaching

Consider who benefits

Current CEOs and other top managers seeking personal and professional development to increase their effectiveness

Next-generation or CEOs-in-waiting who could benefit from additional coaching to be groomed for leadership positions

Valuable, high-potential executives requiring coaching to better meet the expectations of their position

Executives learning to balance work and personal life effectively to avoid burnout

Consider the benefits

Retain and develop key personnel as a competitive advantage

Groom high-potential executives for top positions

Provide a safe, objective, external and confidential sounding board for executives

Address barriers to successful leadership that may be difficult to resolve internally

Support executive skill-building and problem resolution with testing, feedback, and coaching

How AGH's executive coaching can help your organization

AGH's executive coaching services are objective, confidential and tailored to an individual and organization's needs. Based on a mutual understanding of results desired for both the executive and the organization, our coaches first gather information about the executive's performance and environment, combining individual testing and interviews with key personnel in the organization.

That data serves as the foundation for goal-setting with the executive, delivery of skill-building and leadership training if required, and a flexible schedule of personal coaching. During personal coaching sessions, AGH's consultant serves as a confidential, objective and safe sounding board, yet is able to provide candid and sometimes challenging feedback to keep the sessions progressing toward goals.

A coaching program may be limited in scope or ongoing, depending on the nature of the goals and the executive's requirements.

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Marjorie Engle

Senior Vice President
Org. Development & Family Business Services

Marjorie Engle guides clients and their companies through executive coaching, transition and succession planning, organizational analysis, conflict management, and corporate strategy development. A specialist in assessing and developing family councils, advisory boards and boards of directors, she has extensive experience with family-owned, closely held, and public companies across many industries, as well as with not-for-profit organizations.

Marjorie holds a certificate in Family Business Advising with Fellow Status from The Family Firm Institute and is a certified coach with Family Business Partners. She is also a certified Change Leader.