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COVID-19 resources for businesses and employers

COVID-19 resources for employers


我们已经创建了一个有用的资源列表. 随着事态的发展,我们将继续增加资源.

COVID playbook for tackling the new normal

适应新常态:指南、最佳实践 & other helpful tips for navigating COVID-19 and these uncharted times — September 30, 2020

In times of uncertainty, organizations need to rely on policies and processes more than ever. They provide a road map to help make quick decisions in the best interest of everyone. Get the playbook.

Tax and HR compliance alerts

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American Rescue Plan Act extends tax credits for employers — March 25, 2021

ARPA extends and expands tax credits previously established under COVID-19-related stimulus bills. Review the details.


Due to COVID and stimulus bills, the IRS has extended the individual tax return deadlines. 堪萨斯州税收部门(Kansas Department of Revenue)也紧随其后. See what has changed.


You’ve probably heard about the new law that provides direct payments to eligible individuals. But what does the law provide to businesses? What you need to know.


了解最新的与covid -19相关的刺激法案中针对企业和个人的关键条款. Review the key provisions.

What the arrival of the COVID vaccine means for employers — February 18, 2021

雇主现在应该计划他们可能对员工有什么要求或建议来接种COVID-19疫苗. Explore your options.


对员工保留信用的重大改进和扩大包括在综合拨款法案中, 2021. Click to learn more.

新冠肺炎救济法案更新- 2021年1月4日

The new law provides business meal deductions, PPP loan changes, and more help for businesses. Click to learn more.


$900 billion package provides economic relief to millions of Americans and small businesses. See what is included.


美国国税局发布了指导意见,提供了在申请PPP贷款减免时被认为符合条件的费用扣除的信息. See what your options are.

COVID-19 and the holidays — November 18, 2020

COVID-19 cases continue to rise, and the holidays are right around the corner. 请查看以下资源,并考虑与员工沟通信息,以帮助减轻病毒的传播. Learn about the CDC recommendations.


美国联邦储备委员会(Federal Reserve)最近将普通民众贷款计划(Main Street Lending Program)的最低贷款规模要求从250美元下调,000 to $100,000. Learn more.


The Small Business Administration is seeking information from an estimated 52,申慱手机版app他们的收入,000工资保障计划贷款的接受者. Learn more.

IRS guidance on executive action deferring payroll taxes — September 2, 2020

The guidance is brief, 而雇主们可能仍会质疑, and how, to implement the deferral. The President’s action only defers Social Security taxes; it doesn’t forgive them. Read more about the guidance..


如果您的企业足够幸运,获得了与COVID-19危机相关的工资保障计划(PPP)贷款, 你应该意识到潜在的税务影响. Here's a look at the issue..


国税局的指导方针为受COVID-19影响、从退休计划中领取分配或贷款的个人纳税人提供了救济,并为雇主提供了有关贷款救济管理的指导. Read more about the guidance..

第二季度工资报告的新941表格- 2020年6月24日

The IRS has revised Form 941 in response to payroll reporting changes resulting from COVID-19 stimulus. Read about the revised form..


工资保障计划弹性法案延长了覆盖期限, makes lending terms more favorable and addresses other details that have challenged organizations. Read about the changes..

PPP loan forgiveness application & instructions now available — May 20, 2020

审查PPP资金的贷款减免流程, including a new Alternative Covered Period and documentation requirements. Click to review details..

新的SBA PPP诚信认证指南- 2020年5月13日

新的常见问题解答将讨论小企业管理局将如何审查有关贷款请求的必要性的借款人的诚信证明. Review FAQ #46..


新的常见问题解答将还款日期延长至5月14日,并指出小企业管理局也将提供额外指导. Click to review FAQs..


该警告总结了PPP所需的“诚信”认证,并解决了财政部和小企业管理局(SBA)最近提出的指导意见. Click to read more..

美国国税局申慱手机版appPPP支出的重要新闻- 2020年5月1日

IRS Notice indicates that expenses paid to qualify for loan forgiveness under PPP will not be deductible. Learn more about the notice..

Relief from not making employment tax deposits due to COVID-19 tax credits — April 14, 2020

IRS has issued guidance providing relief from failure to make employment tax deposits. Learn more about the relief..

IRS announces new COVID-19-related assistance for taxpayers — April 14, 2020

在冠状病毒(COVID-19)危机之后,美国国税局和美国联邦调查局(us.S. Department of Treasury are providing taxpayers additional relief to ease tax burdens. Review the latest information..

Final regulations issued for FFCRA & CARES Act — April 7, 2020

DOL条例涉及4月1日生效的与带薪病假和家庭医疗假有关的关键规定. Review the latest information..


该法案为符合COVID-19资格要求的退休计划参与者提供新的福利. Read about the new options..

CARES Act: Relief for state & local governments — April 1, 2020

第六章概述了如何适当使用提供冠状病毒援助的资金, 2019冠状病毒病大流行期间的救援和经济安全. Read about the Act..

CARES Act: Paycheck Protection Program and other financing options — March 31, 2020

该法案创建了一个新的小企业管理局工资保障计划,为合格的小企业和某些非营利组织提供资金. Read about the Act..

CARES Act to provide relief for individuals, businesses and other employers — March 27, 2020

为应对新冠肺炎大流行造成的金融和医疗危机,批准了大规模刺激法案. Read about the Act..

New DOL updates on Families First Coronavirus Response Act — March 27, 2020

劳工部为雇主提供了与《申慱手机版app》要求相关的额外指导. Read the new updates..


备忘录提供短期行政救济, 联邦奖励的财务管理和审计要求. Read on for additional details..

Guidance issued on Families First Coronavirus Response Act — March 25, 2020

劳工部在最近颁布该法案后发布了有限的指导和额外的资源. Read on for additional details..


行政命令将报税和付款截止日期延长至7月15日, but does not defer estimated tax payments. Read on for additional details..

联邦和州扩展的最新信息- 2020年3月23日

Here is a recap on the latest information on federal and state filing and payment extensions. “新的”信息在此通信中被突出显示. Of note, the IRS announced this weekend that any payment amount can now also be deferred. Read on for additional details..

总统签署家庭首个冠状病毒应对法案- 2020年3月20日

该法案包括旨在帮助经济发展的重要条款, 支持个人金融稳定,遏制疫情蔓延. Read the alert now..


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses. But rather than sit on the sidelines and watch, now may be the right time to get in the game to sell or transition a business. 我们将报道COVID-19对评估过程的影响. Whether such values are depressed or inflated, 在价值反弹或随着选举周期的临近而发生变化之前,可能会有房地产规划或交易的机会. Download the slides, listen to the presentation, or watch the presentation on AGH University.

随着许多组织返回工作岗位,开始恢复, 人力资源专业人士正面临着新一轮的问题. We will cover topics such as how to manage leave requests in a COVID-19 world (FFCRA, FMLA, ADA), including real examples; considerations for layoffs and furloughs when the PPP money runs out; and how organizations can compete for talent against unemployment benefits. Download the slides.

As the US begins to emerge from lockdown, 商业环境的“新常态”将变得司空见惯. In this webinar, 丹尼尔·怀特(Daniel White)将解决许多企业目前正在努力解决的常见问题:重新整合, what will be the "new normal", how to adapt, emerging stronger than before, and innovating for future success. Download the slides.

请和Carrie Cox一起讨论在不确定和快速变化的时代中如何做好领导工作. 她将讲述在不确定时期管理员工的技巧, 包括管理远程员工的沟通策略和技巧,以及帮助员工关注心理健康的重要性,以及您可以如何提供帮助. Download the slides.

A live video Q&一场活动,由马丁·普林格尔律师乔治·布鲁斯主持. Attorneys Zach Wiggins and Kate McKinney from Martin Pringle Attorneys at Law, John Trowbridge, senior vice president, business development from AGH, LC and Steve Peterson, president Wichita Bank from CrossFirst Bank with updated information about the CARES Act including:

  • 预期的主要街道贷款计划预览
  • Payroll Protection Program update including self-employment and 1099 workers
  • EIDL implementation update
  • 工资税递延条款和就业保留信贷

请加入我们,了解劳工部申慱手机版app《申慱手机版app》和《乐橙app手机版》的最新信息. We provide a comprehensive review of the new laws and regulatory guidance issued to date, 以及表单和策略更新所需的实现项. 我们也会回顾常见问题,并为与会者预留提问时间. Download the slides.

Moderated by Martin Pringle Attorney, George Bruce, panelists included attorneys Zach Wiggins and Kate McKinney from Martin Pringle, John Trowbridge, Senior Vice President, Business Development from AGH, LLC and Steve Peterson, President Wichita Bank from CrossFirst Bank. 小组成员回答了与会者的问题,并讨论了小企业管理局根据《申慱手机版app》向小企业提供的贷款和其他援助,包括:

  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
  • 经济损失灾害贷款及贷款发放(EIDL)
  • SBA debt relief
  • SBA express bridge loans
  • General guidance for businesses

与AGH专业人员一起审查《申慱手机版app》中可能影响您的组织的税收状况和获得继续运营融资能力的关键条款. Download the slides.

Join AGH professionals as they review the effects of these two acts on HR compliance, payroll, and employee benefits. The webinar will not address issues/questions related to business tax or government lending options. Download the slides.

AGH专业人员将介绍新《乐橙app手机版》的影响,并回答观众的问题. Download the slides.

AGH经验丰富的专业人士分享最佳实践, real-life examples and address audience questions about COVID-19's effect on their organizations.

Client messages

As you likely have heard, Sedgwick County is now operating under a shelter in place order. As a professional services firm, 我们被认为是“重要的业务”,因此, remain open for business.

虽然我们有很大一部分员工是远程工作的, 在此期间,我们将继续在现场安排重要人员. We are well set up with our long-standing practice of utilizing technology, 支持远程工作的工具和过程,以便为我们的团队提供继续有效服务客户和继续业务操作的能力.

Client meetings: While our office continues to be open, 为了确保客户和员工的利益,我们选择减少面对面的会面. 我们正在利用电话会议或其他电子通信工具作为替代解决方案,以保持与您的联系. 如果您需要安排会议或认为您需要访问我们的办公室, 请联系您的AGH顾问或致电316热线.267.7231.

Documents: 请尽可能以电子方式提交文件给我们, 牢记资讯保安的最佳做法. Contact your AGH professional to discuss the best option for electronic document submission. 或者,正常的邮寄或运输仍然是一个选择.

Resources:我们的专业人员正在密切关注COVID-19形势的演变,并努力让您了解潜在的业务和个人影响. Continue to check this COVID-19 Resource Page 获取未来几天的更新和额外资源.

Moving forward: As we monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation, we will continue to adapt our processes and keep you informed of changes that may impact you.


Third-party resources

Interim guidance for businesses and employers

This interim guidance is based on what is currently known about the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 疾病控制和预防中心(CDC)将根据需要和获得更多信息时更新这一临时指南. Read what the CDC has to say.


The State of Kansas has created a resource center for individuals, businesses/employers and more. Access the resource center here.

Cybersecurity & 基础设施安全局(CISA):冠状病毒资源页面

美国国土安全部(Department of Homeland Security)的CISA拥有一个应对与冠状病毒骗局和威胁相关的许多网络安全风险的资源中心. Access the hub here.

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): Risk management for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Department of Homeland Security's CISA has issued a PDF to help executives think through physical, supply chain, 以及新冠肺炎传播可能引发的网络安全问题. Access the PDF here.